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Abiocode SNC1 antibody used in Natur
A recent Nature article published by Dr. Xinnian Dong's group (Xu et al., 2017, Nature, 545:491) identified a new strate
Abiocode Plant Antibodies used in Sc
In a recent paper published in Science, Xu et al. reported that the ABP1-TMK auxin-sensing complex activates ROP2 and RO
Abiocode TET2 antibodies used in a N
In a paper published in Nature on May 2, 2013 by Dr. Anjana Rao's group, IDAX was shown to target TET2 for degradation (
Abiocode antibody used in a Cell pap
A recent paper published in CELL by Dr. A. Lin's group showed that the kinase IKK inactivates BAD protein by phosphoryla
The unique features of antibodies pr
One major problem for the antibody-based proteomics research is the limited availability of specific antibodies that can
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