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Abiocode antibody used in a Cell paper[2013-02-11]

A recent paper published in CELL by Dr. A. Lin's group showed that the kinase IKK inactivates BAD protein by phosphorylating BAD on Ser26 residue, resulting in the inhibition of TNF-alpha induced apopotosis through a mechanism independent of NF-kB activation (Yan et al., 2013, CELL, 152:304-315). This study is highly significant since it has uncovered a novel molecular mechanism in TNF-alpha induced apoptosis.

Abiocode is proud to be the company who produced the anti-BAD Ser26 phosphorylation specific antibody, a key reagent used in this paper. Abiocode is in the process of making the anti-BAD Ser26 phosphorylation specific antibody available to the scientific community in the near future. Please contact us if you are interested in this product.